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Calvert High School

Athletic Hall of Fame


Mission Statement

The Calvert High School Athletic Hall of Fame award recognizes and honors outstanding achievements of athletes, coaches, and others who have made significant contributions to the athletic program and have been instrumental in promoting the growth of athletics at Calvert High School.


Purpose of the Calvert High School Athletic Hall of Fame

  1. To annually select and induct members to the Calvert High School Athletic Hall of Fame.


  1. To nominate, select and provide induction procedures as well as determine the type of awards, presentations and permanent display of honors.


  1. To display to students and the public the athletic accomplishments of people who have been instrumental in creating an excellent athletic tradition at Calvert High School.


Calvert High School Athletic Hall of Fame Committee

  • General Function
    • The Athletic Hall of Fame committee will govern and administer this program.
    • The Athletic Hall of Fame committee will establish policies and procedures necessary for the proper functioning of the CHS Hall of Fame.
    • The Hall of Fame committee will be the selection committee.  The committee will consist of a total of seven members.


  • The Athletic Hall of Fame committee will be selected as follows:
    • Athletic Director – Chair
    • Principal or VP designated by the Principal.
    • Head Coach of Male Sport
    • Head Coach of Female Sport
    • A member of the Hall of Fame
    • A booster club member.
    • A community member


  • Process
    • The Athletic Director and Principal of CHS shall appoint members to the Athletic Hall of Fame Committee.  The members will serve three-year terms and may be reappointed at the discretion of the Chair.  Failure to meet with the committee on two consecutive meetings may result in removal from the committee and a new member appointed.




Criteria for Membership


If an Athletic Hall of Fame Committee member is nominated, he/she will be replaced on the committee during the evaluation process.



  • The person must be a student who attended Calvert High for four years.
  • Moral character, good citizenship, and academic performance during high school and post high school years will be a consideration.
  • Nominees into the Calvert High School Hall of Fame will have graduated 5 or more years ago.
  • Outstanding accomplishments after leaving Calvert High may also be a factor in making the selection.



  • Five years must elapse after completion of their tenure as a coach at Calvert High School before consideration is given for selection.
  • They must be examples of good character and citizenship.
  • 10 years in one sport or 15 seasons in multiple sports.
  • Record while coaching at Calvert High.
  • Contributions to their respective sport and the CHS athletic program.



  • The individual has made an outstanding contribution to Calvert High School Athletics.
  • The individual has had a significant impact on the athletic program for Calvert High School.


Nomination Process

  • Nominations are open to the public
  • Nomination forms are available online at the CHS website or in the Athletic Director’s office.
  • All nomination forms will remain on file for five years from the last nomination and after that time must be re-nominated.
  • All nominations must be on file by October 31.  The Athletic Director will contact those individuals who are nominated and will send appropriate materials to gather information.  The nominees will be responsible to meet the deadlines established by the committee.
  • The Athletic Hall of Fame will have a maximum of 20 inductees in 2013.  In 2014 and forward, a maximum of 5 inductees.


Selection Process


  • Distribute nomination forms and questionnaires – year round
  • Collect information on nominees – year round
  • Deadline for nominations – October 31
  • Hall of Fame Selection Committee meets – January / February
  • Select and inform Hall of Fame recipients – March
  • Complete information for Gift and media – March
  • Order Gifts – March
  • Hall of Fame Banquet – April



Screening Procedure

  • The Athletic office will provide the selection committee with copies of the current nomination forms and all other information prior to the selection meeting.
  • From January 1 to the end of February, the Athletic Hall of Fame committee will screen and discuss each nominee.


Selection Procedure

  • The selection meeting will take place in the month of February.




  • A plaque will be awarded to honor each inductee.
  • A display at CHS will also reflect the inductee.



  • Removal from the Calvert High School Athletic Hall of Fame will be voted on by the Athletic Hall of Fame committee.  The same procedure will be followed in removing a person from the Athletic Hall of Fame committee.


Changes in Process

  • Changes in the process and procedures may be made by a two-thirds majority vote of the Athletic Hall of Fame Committee.


Representation by Sports

  • The goal is to induct the most worthy candidates.  No quota by sports is established.

Contact: Jason Cranford
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