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Calvert High School




  • Nomination forms are available online at the Calvert High School website or in the Athletic Director’s office.
  • A Hall of Fame selection committee will be formed to select the new class.
  • Notification to new Hall of Fame members will take place during the month of March.
  • Hall of Fame Banquet will take place in May.


Candidate’s Full Name_________________________________________________________


Date of Birth_____________________


Address___________________________________  City________________________  State ______


Zip______________        Home Phone___________________________  Cell_____________________


E-Mail address______________________________________________________________________


Graduation Year: _______________  Were all 4 years at Calvert High School?  Yes     No


Please check if the candidate is deceased:  □ Date of Death______________________________


Category of Nomination (Please Check One)


______Former Athlete             An athlete must have been out of CHS for 5 years prior to

nomination.  The athlete must also meet one or more of the following requirements.

            □  All State Selection

□  All Met Selection

□  All Conference for 2 years

______Former Coach                A coach must have been out of coaching for 5 years prior to

nomination.  The coach must also meet on or more of the following requirements.

            □  Won a State Championship

            □  Won more than one SMAC / Region Title

□  Coached same sport for 10 years

□  Coached various sports for 15 seasons  

______Other                               Any individual who has made an outstanding contribution to the

athletic program or has had a significant impact on the athletic program at Calvert High School.

Outstanding athletic accomplishments while at, or beyond Calvert High:



Present Occupation                                                                                 


Community Service / Involvement:






Services to Calvert High School:






Additional Comments:






Submitted by:          Name:___________________________________________


                                    City:____________________________, State________, Zip Code_______________

                                    Email__________________________________  Home Phone___________________

                                    Cell Phone _____________________________


If you would like to financially support the Calvert High School Athletic Hall of Fame, please enclose your check made payable to Calvert High School.  Thank you!


Please submit this form and / or your donation to:

Jason Cranford, CAA                                  

email :

Director of Athletics                                                                                              Office:  443-550-8912

Cell:  443-624-1490

             Calvert High School                                       

             520 Fox Run Blvd.

             Prince Frederick, MD 20678







Contact: Jason Cranford
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